My Med, part I

19 Sep

“Warm and friendly people
Lazy afternoons
Small streets full of restaurants and cafes
Plenty of sunshine
Mediterranean gardens, geraniums, lavenders, rosemary, and sage . . . plants which can survive with minimum water.
and of course olive trees . . .”
öngün, Turkey

“Mediterranean time”. This seems true from Spain and the South of France, through Italy, Albania and to Greece…where things are a little less prompt. 12:00 actually means 12:15″ Kevin, Albania

“Cultural and political wind rose; the cradle of modern civilization; terra madre. Gorgeous islands, worm weather, the best ever food, music, and vines. When nostalgic, I dream about it, hearing the bora in branches and pup of falling cones. Together with that picture always goes the smell of pines resin, and crickets’ chirping…a choir of them. And I see small towns, with narrow alleys: when you walk there, you hear people, loud happy people voices and see a white linen drying up in the air, between houses.” Vesna, Canada

“Warm sunshine, warm ocean, olive oil, Roman monuments… and three days in the back of my Dad’s car to get there from north-west England! The Mediterranean, to me, more than anything else means the holidays of my childhood.” Stephen, England

“For me it means Egypt – my parents’ home land, the place they emigrated from when my oldest brother was just 3. They left for Canada, partly to join family, pursue careers and opportunities, but also to escape religious persecution. As Egyptian Christians (Copts) my parents were part of the minority of Egypt’s largely Muslim demographic. They were not given their just desserts and jobs were taken from them only because of their religion. Despite this, they have returned to their homeland many times since leaving it because of its beauty and its rich culture. No grudges are held, and no ill-words are spoken. Life only pushed them west, where they have lived happily and in harmony for 37 years…” Andrew, Canada

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One Response to “My Med, part I”

  1. Saskia September 20, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    Hello from the hot Mediterranean island of Cyprus where we love an easy life-style…
    from the cool mountains of Troodos where the snow falls each winter to swimming on the shores of the Med in a short 40 minute drive.

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