Athens:visions of the cityscape through literature

13 Jan

A new book by Greek architect Aliki Spuropoulou explores the city of Athens through the writings of seven Greek novelists in the end of the 19th century. The writer investigates how the novelists -residents of Athens themselves- understand and define modernity, how they perceive the city’s diachronicity and what city they are referring to- classical, Othoman, or Byzantine. Through the works of Roidis, Papadiamantis, Ksenopoulos, Spandonis, Kondilakis, Vokos and Mitsakis, Spuropoulou discovers a dual representation of the city: on the one hand spectacular, entertaining and full of opportunity; and on the other hand depressing, unhospitable, with pressing problems emanating from urbanization and a growing impoverished population struggling for survival.

The book entitled Visions of inhabiting Athens in the end of the 19th century: Architecture and Literature has been published in Greek by Nisos– hopefully it will be soon translated into English.

Article source: Eleftherotupia

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