Redefining art in a changing world: “artivism”

14 Mar

From February 18th to April 2nd at the Sorbonne in Paris, the Master’s program in Cultural Projects in Public Spaces organizes weekly meetings/discussions on artivism: a concept that explores the intersections between art and politics in the public sphere. According to the organizers

“artivisme is the art of activist artists. It is at times art without artists but with militants. Art that is engaged and engaging, that seeks to mobilise us, to make us take a stance, to propose tolls of action and transformation. Just as the queer proposed the existence of a third gender beyond the male and the female, similarly artivisme suggests that there is a third term between aesthetics and politics”.

While the concept of socially engaged art is not new, it is interesting that it reemerges in public debate and in major institutions at this particular time of major political shifts and economic anxiety in a European social context characterized by depression and insecurity. In that sense it is a very hopeful response, and by no means the only one, that seeks to re-define the role of the citizen/artist.

Click here for more information.

View video [in French]:
Qu'est-ce que l'artivisme ? by artespacepublic

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