Manama, Bahrain to host the 2nd Forum on Arab Festivals

24 Jan

The 2nd forum on Arab Festivals will take place on March 1st and 2nd 2012 in Bahrain and it looks like a really interesting and exciting event. Below is their official call for participants – while there is not a website for the event yet, information can be obtained by email to Khadijah Lakkis Forum Executive Director

Call for Participants.

The Second Forum on Festivals in the Arab Countries is the only state-level Arab Festival event hosted in the Arab region. With a galaxy of experts in various fields and masters of great wisdom, this Festival Forum is another highlight of the festivals in the Arab countries.
In its second version, this festival forum is organized by the Ministry of Culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in coordination with the Arab Administrative Development Organization , to celebrate Manama, the Arab Capital Culture of 2012. This forum is committing itself to both innovation and originality as successfully held in its first version in Beirut in December 2009.
Over two days, a bunch of festival presidents, organizers, managers, and art directors will gather to exchange information and expertise about different issues of festivals exploring the way to improve and upgrade the levels of festivals in the Arab countries.
The sessions of this forum are comprised into a welcome/opening address, two keynote sessions, and five regular sessions presenting and debating the latest thinking and festival business insights in addition to reviewing the key achievements and challenges facing festivals nowadays. Also, there will be a further focus on the most important issues in the festival industry, plus extended and expanded networking opportunities for neighboring countries to share knowledge and update the quality of their festivals to include all the family. This forum ends up with a panel discussion and recommendations session.
We believe that the 2nd Festival Forum is not only a gathering for festival organizers, artists, even governmental officials, enterprisers, and celebrities, but will become one of important means for intercultural communication as well.
In view of this, we sincerely invite you to attend this 2012 Forum of Festivals in Manama on March 1st & 2nd. During this event, and exclusively for this year, there will be the opening of the Annual Spring of Culture Festival in Manama on March 1st so all attendees will have the chance to enjoy an array of cultural and artistic events along with the scheduled sessions.


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