A talk with the artist: Pedro Goucha Gomes

9 Jul




As part of 2013 edition we have conducted brief interviews with our guest artists to find out more about their works, their expectations and their feelings as Mediterranean artists.Image

Pedro Goucha Gomes is a dancer and choreographer from Portugal, he will be performing his new work Amongst Millions at Between the Seas 2013. 

An interview by Flavia Zaganelli

Tell us more about the performance you are bringing at Between the Seas Festival. How was it created? What inspired it?

We live in a world where dishonesty and injustice are more common than potable water. I was driven by my pre-historical body’s profound need to expose its feelings towards this sad state of affaires. Amongst Millions was, both in its conception and in its result, a break from my previous work. There is nothing save about this piece. I am absolutely defenseless.

What led you to apply to BtS? What do you expect from the Festival?

What triggered my interest to contribute with a choreography to the Between the Seas Festival is its focus on the Mediterranean region as well as its interest in works inspired by life and engaged in searching for new aesthetics.

The Mediterranean region is currently at a turning point of its history. While winds of change and hope seem to be sweeping across North Africa, Southern Europe is living through an economic and social crisis that my generation could not have imagined to witness. I believe that these two contrasting dynamics in opposite shores of the Mediterranean Sea not only bring a great scope of dramatic possibilities to the Between the Seas Festival but also greatly enhances its relevance as a contemporary performing arts festival. I see the Between the Seas Festival as a wonderful platform to bring to New York City the voice of artists that are living these dramatic transformations in first hand.

Since your performance is connected to the European culture and politics with all its peculiarities and problems, how do you expect the NY audience will react to it?

I am very curious to hear what the NY audience will say. Since they have been exposed to virtually everything, I guess their insight will help me put into perspective the work I have done.

What is the situation of cultural production in Europe and in your country right now?

Although I am Portuguese I am currently living in the Netherlands. One of the reasons for this is because there is hardly any support for dance in Portugal.

Pedro G. Gomes will performing at Between the Seas on Tuesday 7/23 at 7pm and Thursday 7/25 at 9.30. Here you can purchase your ticket.


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